What can karate do for your child?

kids and karateOne of the best gifts you can give your child is to give them the opportunity to live a successful life by providing a powerful tool that will help them gain self-confidence, patience, discipline, self-control, humility and self-respect. Our Kyokushinkai Karate program is aimed to teach children self-defense while increasing their level of concentration and thus helping them obtaining better grades at school.

We train children from age four and up.


Intimidation, so present in our schools, often manifests itself through negative and hurting comments. The self esteem gained through karate will help your child to deal more easily with this kind of intimidation.

Our program also teach kids how to defend themselves, first by avoiding physical confrontation through a better control of his emotions, but also through self defense techniques that help face various situations.

Hyperactive children

Kyokushinkai Karate provides effective physical and mental relaxation and it helps hyperactive children to channel their energy. Through karate, your child's self discipline and focus will increase over time. This will not only help him through his studies but also as an adult.

Shy children

Through many challenges, kyokushinkai karate brings a feeling of accomplishment and self worth. Slowly, shy kids will gain self-confidence and fulfill their true potential.