Sempaï Fayçal Ouaglal, 1er dan


Started trainning in judo at age 7. He then turned to Taekwondo for one year before starting karate style Wado-Ryu in France in 1992.
In 2006, He began the practice Kyokushinkai at the Honbu.

Belts passing :

  • 2012  Received 1iere dan black belt
  • Specializes in teaching Katas
  • 2015  Received 2th dan black belt
Seminars and competitions :

•2011  Seminar Émile Koslov
•2011  Competition 29e Championnat East Canada
•2011  Competition semi-contact
•2012  Competition 30e Championnat East Canada
•2012  Seminar Shihan Francisco Filho
•2013  Seminar Shihan André Gilbert
•2013  Seminar Kancho Matsui
•2014  Seminar Shihan André Gilbert
•2014  Competition Championnat (Kata)
•2014  Competition Sherbrooke (Kata)
•2014  Seminar Shihan André Gilbert Mont-Royal