Sensei Luc Lussier, 3nd dan

Sensei Luc LussierSport always been part of sempai Lussier's life. He practiced hockey from 8 to 21 years old.

At 22, his brother introduced him to Kyokushin karate in Laval. In 1994, he joined the organization André Gilbert Honbu.

In 2009, he started his career as a teacher. To him, karate is a passion. He likes to train, learn and teach his knowledge to others. Always with respect and discipline. This sport helps him to relieve stress and improve his concentration.

Belts passing:

  • 2000 received 1st dan black belt
  • 2010 received 2nd dan black belt
  • 2015 received 3nd dan black belt

Seminars and competitions:

  • 1992 kata and fighting competition in Rimouski.
  • 1995 kata and fighting competition in Montreal.
  • 2006 Montreal Championship elite
  • 2007 Seminar Kancho Matsui Shokei in Montreal
  • 2008 Breaking ice block.
  • 2012 Seminar with Shihan Francisco Filho in Montreal