Kenji Midori.

Kancho Kenji Midori

Kancho Kenji Midori is the current president of the World Karate Organization (WKO).

Kenji Midori was born on April 18, 1962 in Amami-Ōshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. He started Karate at the age of 16.

He quickly distinguished himself by participating in the most prestigious tournaments in Japan. In 1985, he won the All Japan Weight Division Tournament for the first time.

Masutatsu Oyama, the founder of Kyokushinkai, took him under his wing and asked him to win the world championships. Kenji Midori won them in the -70 kg category and in the Open category at the 5th Karate World Championships in 1991.

Kenji Midori's track record is impressive:

  • 1980 April: 4th to 1st Chiba Prefectural Tournament
  • 1983 August: 3rd at the 1st NishiNihon Tournament (tournament bringing together fighters from western Japan)
  • 1984 April: Ranked in the top 8 of the 1st All Japan Weight Division in the lightweight category (- 70 kg)
  • 1985 June: 1st to 2nd All Japan Weight Division, lightweight category (-70 kg)
  • November 1985: 5th and Best Fighting Spirit Award at the 17th All Japan Tournament
  • 1987 June: 1st place in the 4th All Japan Weight Division, lightweight category (-70 kg)
  • 1987 November: Ranked in the top 16 and Best Technique Award at the 4th World Championships
  • 1988 September: 2nd at an international tournament in Switzerland
  • 1990 June: 1st at 7th All Japan Weight Division, lightweight category (-70 kg)
  • 1990 December: 2nd at the 22nd All Japan Tournament, Open category
  • 1991 November: 1st at the 5th World Championships, lightweight category (-70 kg) and Open (all categories combined)

Kancho Kenji Midori is a great source of inspiration for karatekas. His career perfectly illustrates the words of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama: "Success depends on goals and diligence in pursuing them".

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